How Far Will My Donation Go?

“No work is insignificant.
All labor that uplifts humanity
has dignity and importance and should
be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Direct donations are the most immediate way to have an impact on our efforts to educate and sustain Cambodian communities.

We are almost fully supported by wonderful people who give to Sustainable Schools International on an annual basis.

Continued sponsorship enables us to confidently plan ahead, dedicating our energy to expanding and improving our schools and programs instead of fundraising drives.

Our streamlined administrative process ensures that the vast majority of donations are put to work supporting our schools and community programs.

Make Your Impact in one of our 2018 priority program areas.

Leadership Academy
Help one of our 38 higher education scholars become a changemaker by being a scholarship sponsor.

$2,500 Leadership Academy Full Ride Scholarship for 1 year (or pay for a component)

  • $600 Food ($2/day)
  • $400 Housing & Utilities ($30/month)
  • $800 Academic tuition (1 year)
  • $700 Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program Fee ($58/month)

All for the price of less than one semester of a state college in the US.

As a full ride scholarship sponsor you receive: Your student’s picture and profile and the opportunity to meet on Skype. We’ll even match you up with a student working on the Sustainable Development Goal most important to you.

The English Zone
Help this student enterprise start earning sustainable income for the Leadership Academy.It needs a computer lab for 20 Skype conversation partners

  • $1,000 Power supply, Wifi, and backups
  • $500 Computer station hardware & furnishings
  • $250 Conversation partner training

Project School Success
Help support rural primary schools directly. The student RotarAct community service club manages buying, distribution, and accountability for school supplies. 15% has been contributed by the Community Prosper Bank – a student micro-lending social enterprise.

$15,000 needed to support 2,500 elementary and middle students at 8 rural schools

  • $50 School supplies for a classroom for a year
  • $100 Support a teacher for a month
  • $250 School supplies for a whole school for a year
  • $500 Bathroom and sanitation facility for a school
  • $1,000 Water supply for a school
  • $5,000 Rural teacher housing for a school

Monthly Donations

$10 a month

Give one student access to clean water, electricity, internet, and first aid.

$25 a month

Provide one student with hands-on applicable training for leadership, livelihood, and entrepreneurship.

$50 a month

Provide nutritious food for one student to make sure they can focus on learning.

$100 a month

Help us build a technical training facility in rural Cambodia for students to learn, study, and serve.